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Hi 👋🏼


Full-time Web3 Degen & Angel Investor.

I believe that infrastructure protocols that move capital and ownership over IP will transform all markets for individuals and institutions alike.


Connect with me: LinkedIn // Twitter // Farcaster

I make $10k angel investments...

in the following three infrastructure verticals...

DAO Tooling

Despite their revolutionary nature, DAOs are not yet fully mature.


One major obstacle that must be taken into careful consideration is the high cost incurred by on-chain transactions due to the complex operations required by consensus mechanisms and frequent voter interactions.

Solutions I'm looking for:

Anything that helps make building & maintaining DAOs easier.

DeFi Payments

For now, cryptocurrencies have mostly been used as investments.


So as crypto becomes more mainstream, can crypto payments finally take off?

Solutions I'm looking for

the direct way i.e. crypto-wallet to crypto-wallet payments.

Decentralized P2P

In a world where data breaches and privacy violations have become increasingly common, decentralized P2P infrastructure is a much-needed solution.


Features not explored in P2P: Scalability, Distribution, Replication & Coordination.

Solutions I'm interested in:

Multi-factor authentication,

Encryption & Incentivization tools, Insurance and DeFi.

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